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High-quality photographs of landscape and nature scenics by a serious amatuer photographer.  Photography from across America with a focus on the western United States.
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At this site you will find a number of my landscape photographs.  They are posted for your enjoyment.

YES, these photos are FOR SALE.  Please go to the
PRICING & ORDERING page or use my e-mail link below for more information if you are interested in purchasing any of these as fine art prints. 

As you browse through the galleries there are some things to keep in mind:

     I use a commercial scanning service that is readily available to the public.  As a result, I am at their mercy regarding the quality of these images.  I hope to correct this in the near future by acquiring a scanner to scan my own images.  Prints of these photos on high-quality paper are superior to the scanned images. 

     You may need to adjust your monitor to optimize the appearance  of the images in the galleries.  Again, the printed photos are of a much higher quality than what you will see here.

     With most of my sales, I  dry-mount the prints on illustration board with a border. The prints are then ready for mats and frames of your choice. 

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